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Upward Bound Financial Assistance

In Upward Bound we don't want students to shy away from challenging coursework or applying for college because they cannot afford the attached fees.

Upward Bound can pay for the following for admitted students: 

  • AP Tests
  • Concurrent Enrollment Fees
  • College Admission Fees
  • ACT/SAT Tests

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Equipment Rental

Upward Bound also recognizes that students may need equipment such as calculators and laptops in order to be successful in school. Students in the program can rent the following equipment at no cost:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Calculators 

Note: Students admitted to Upward Bound can also attend college tours, fieldtrips, and live on campus during the summer for no cost to the student or parent.

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Scholarship Opportunities

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Last Updated: 5/18/23