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About Upward Bound

At the University of Utah, our Upward Bound program serves 95 students from East, West, Highland, and Kearns High Schools. The University of Utah first received the TRIO Upward Bound Grant in 1972, which makes us one of the longest running Upward Bound programs in the country!

Participation Policy

In order to remain an active participant in the Upward Bound program, you must:


Participate in the Project

Students in Upward Bound are required to attend at least four tutoring sessions or other Upward Bound activity/event per semester to keep their spot in the program. Students who fail to participate in the program could be replaced with a student from the waitlist.


Achieve Academically

If a student earns below a 2.5 GPA for two consecutive quarters, or is at risk of not graduating, the student will be required to attend a meeting with their parent/guardian, high school counselor, and an Upward Bound advisor to make a plan for future academic success in order to continue to participate in Upward Bound.


Observe Summer Academy Rules

For students who choose to participate in our Summer Academy you are expected to follow specific rules related to living and taking classes on the University of Utah’s campus. All rules and expectations will be reviewed during our summer academy orientation. Students who are found in violation of the rules may be dismissed from the program. Selection for the Summer Academy is contingent upon each students’ participation in tutoring & workshops/activities throughout the school year. Not all students participating in Upward Bound may join the Summer Academy.


Last Updated: 7/14/23