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Upward Bound College Preparation

Upward Bound provides its students with a wide variety of college preparation material to help students ease into the college life. We provide students access to tutors, help them tour possible colleges, help them explore potential career opportunities and even provide them with community service schedules to help them build their resume, and much more.




Bridge is a residential summer program for Upward Bound students who have graduated high school and plan to attend the University of Utah.

Bridge program

College Tours

We introduce our students to a variety of colleges through in-state and out of state college tours, so students can find a school that is the best fit for them.

college Tours

Financial Assistance

In Upward Bound we don't want students to shy away from challenging coursework or applying for college because they cannot afford the attached fees.

Financial Assistance

Summer Academy

Do you want to get a hands on college experience? Live in the dorms at the U of U Campus? Get free meals? Earn high school class credit? If so, then apply to participate in our Summer Academy!

summer academy


We offer our students tutoring help with the SAT as well as with other classes and subjects they may need help in. 


Utah Colleges

Did you know that your high school has a College Access Advisor who is ready to help you?! College Access Advisors can help you select a college, apply for college, fill out a FAFSA, find scholarships, and so much more. 

Utah Colleges




Last Updated: 10/18/21