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Participation Grant

Spring Semester Grant application period closed on Jan 12, 2018. Thank you to all those who have applied!

 The TRIO Student Support Services Participant Scholarship is a supplement to the financial aid already provided by the University. It is intended to reduce loans and/or “unmet financial need” as determined by the University’s Office of Student Financial Aid. Recipients are selected based on TRIO SSS project participation, eligibility, and financial need. Awards will be based on financial need, credit hours, project participation, and availability of funds.

Eligibility Criteria: (Please Read)
Freshman or Sophomore status when applyiing
• Active* participant in the TRIO Student Support Services program and committed to continuing to actively participate in the TRIO Student Support Services Project for this academic year
• Awarded Pell Grant for Academic Year 
• Have “unmet financial need” as determined by the University Office of Student Financial Aid, OR have been offered/awarded federal student loans without which there would be “unmet financial need.”
• Currently in good academic standing (2.0 or higher cumulative GPA) with the University.
• Students who have received an SSS award in the past will be considered if the terms of the participation agreement during past semesters were met and students are otherwise eligible.
*An active participant is a student who is enrolled at the University, who has been selected to participate in the TRIO SSS Project, and who is or will be regularly receiving advising and other services (instruction, tutoring, etc.) from the TRIO SSS Project.

Please call the TRIO office with any questions or concerns. (801) 581-7188


Last Updated: 1/16/18