Student Support Services


Student Support Services (SSS) is a TRIO program for current or incoming undergraduate university students who are seeking their first bachelor's degree and need academic assistance and other services to be successful at the University

Funded by a federal grant to the University, the project provides advising, instruction, tutoring and informational workshops for eligible students


Student Naviagator positions for fall!

TRIO Summer 2018 Class Offerings: 
Math 980
sec 018, M - F, 9:40am - 11:00am, Annex 2056
Math 1010 sec 018, M - F, 8:05am - 9:25am, Annex 2056
Writing 1010 sec 018, M - F, 11:15am - 12:45pm, MLI 1715


Fall 2018 Class Offerings: 
Math 980 sec 018, M - F, 9:40am - 10:30am, Annex 2056
Math 1010 sec 019, M - F, 8:35am - 9:25am, Annex 2056
            Writing 1010 sec 018, M, W, F, 11:50am - 12:40am, Annex 2056
                                           UGS 1010 (Your Path for a Successful Start at the U of U), W, 10:45am -11:35am,
Annex 2056




The TRIO-SSS offers advising on a large array of topics including:

  • Course Selection and Enrollment
  • Freshman Mandatory Advising
  • CIS navigation
  • Using the Degree Audit
  • Information on Career and Majors
  • Financial Aid and Financial Literacy information
  • Graduate School Planning
  • Campus Resources
  • University Policy and Procedures
  • Peer Mentoring


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The TRIO-SSS program offers sections of introductory level college mathematics, writing and study skills courses open only to students who are enrolled at the University of Utah and have been accepted into the SSS program. These classes may accommodate up to 25 students. Our current offerings are in Math and Writing. For the spring 2018 semester we will have the following classes:

Math 980 (Algebra for College Success)

This course includes algebra topics such as: linear equations; graphing; systems of linear equations; linear inequalities and absolute value; exponential and logarithmic functions.This course is 4 hours equivalent credit. Equivalent hours are only used to determine students eligibility for financial aid and in determining students part-time/full-time status. Course must be taken during your first 30 hours of coursework to qualify for federal financial aid.  Check with Financial Aid to determine eligibility.  Math ACT Score of 14-17 is strongly recommended for this course. Registration note: to add a noncredit class, you must first select "Add a Non-Credit Career to my Record" from the "Student Records" box on your Student Tab. This will be taught beginning Fall 2017.

Math 1030 (Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning)

This course helps students learn how to use some simple mathematical techniques effectively in their own field of study and apply those concepts to practical, real-life situations. Topics covered: sets and Venn diagrams, different systems of units and unit conversions, using percents and estimations, financial mathematics involved in loans and investments, linear and exponential modeling and applications, geometric measurements and scaling. This course is primarily for undergraduate students who will not take any further mathematics, except for statistics/probability.

Prerequisites: "C" or better in (MATH 980 OR MATH 1010) OR Accuplacer EA score of 60 or better OR ACT Math score of 19 or better OR SAT Math score of 500 or better.

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TRIO offers workshops throughout the year on topics such as adjusting to college, study skills, time management, campus resources, information on financial aid and literacy, writing a research paper, resume writing, graduate school planning and many more topics. Attending workshops is also a requirement for those students receiving an SSS participation grant.



TRIO provides drop-in tutoring services free to project participants. Tutors provide assistance in writing, math, and introductory level general education courses. Tutors may offer assistance in other areas depending on their expertise. Students enrolled in TRIO classes are expected to take advantage of this service.


Participation Grants

TRIO offers a limited number of participation grants annually to interested students who qualify. Announcements with eligibility requirements and directions to complete begin prior to the fall semester. Applications are now open!

Participation Grants

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For more information , please contact Student Support Services at:
TRIO Programs
1901 E. South Campus Drive, Room 2075
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9356
Phone: 801-581-7188, FAX: (801) 581-4325

TRIO Partners & Resources

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